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Chapter 7

Bankruptcy in which certain debts are discharged without repayment. Primarily for low asset households. Contact one of our experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys today to start the process of filing bankruptcy. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys 

Ostling & Abbott Bankruptcy Law Office understands the growing debt problem within our nation. As top Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Central IL we want to be a resource and offer debt solutions for our clients. The typical American household carries a debt of $145,000, with 1 in 5 working adults filing for bankruptcy within their lifetime. Debt is a serious problem, but we bring results. 

When credit card statements, bills and your overall debt becomes a problem, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be one option to explore. Ostling & Abbott bankruptcy lawyers explore your finances, and help you decide if filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your debt solution. This form of bankruptcy liquidates all debt. If you are far behind on your bills and cannot afford your monthly payments, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be your best option. Our knowledgeable staff will asses your debt and offer up guidance for your individual circumstances. 

Our bankruptcy team is available to speak with you and answer your questions at (309) 827-3030. You may also send us a message to schedule your free, no-obligation, consultation with an experienced, bankruptcy lawyer.

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"Amazing work fantastic customer service the entire way through. Thank you all at the office for all you’ve done I will never forget what you have done for me. You will be a part of this come up story!!!!"

"Wonderful office, very helpful and professional. They made the process very easy for us."

"Ostling & Abbott along with other team members (Ashley A) makes the process easy. They keep you informed in a timely manner of what's going on with your case. Very professional if you need help this is the firm to contact."

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