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Do you qualify for bankruptcy? Find out more below with frequently asked questions on bankruptcy qualifications, high incomes, credit card debt, restoring credit, collection calls, and bad checks. Contact Us for additional questions or to speak with one of our bankruptcy attorneys today. 

How do I qualify for Bankruptcy? 

Almost anyone who has reached a point where debt problems are causing lifestyle problems can file a bankruptcy. There are no requirements or minimums on debt amounts, income levels or asset amounts.  

Will I be able to get credit again? 

Yes, most people can get credit within one year after bankruptcy. This is high interest credit and should be voided if possible. Within two year you should return to more normal credit and within three years, you could be back to very good credit. Of course, normal credit guidelines influence your credit worthiness. 

How long does it take for Bankruptcy to stop collection calls? 

Collections calls should stop once you file your bankruptcy. If they continue, the creditor is in violation of the automatic stay order of the course and this could result in the creditor being fined or sanctioned by the bankruptcy court. 

My bank charged me several hundred dollars for bounced checks. Can I eliminate those bank charges in bankruptcy? 

Yes, bad checks themselves can not be discharged in bankruptcy but the bank charges, civil charges of up to $1,000.00 per check, attorney fees and court cost can be eliminated in bankruptcy. 

Can I take Bankruptcy even though I make over $150,000 per year? 

Yes, high income does not mean you can not take bankruptcy. You probably will have to do a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy because of your high income but you still get all the protections afforded someone who takes bankruptcy. 

Can you negotiate credit card debt? 

Yes, our law firm does many credit card negotiations and often settles these debts for as little as 20-30 cents on the dollar. Remember, to negotiate credit card settlements, you must have the money to pay the settlement amount immediately. Credit card companies will not reduce the debt and then take installment payments. 

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